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Summer School
Network Statistics in Health Research

18-22 August 2014
Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

Ghent historic city centre

Summer School Programme
Participants of this one-week summer school will be introduced to the field of statistical analysis of network data, with an emphasis of model applications in health research.

After a brief review of traditional compartmental (SIR) models and the methodology for classical descriptive network analysis, (static) Exponential family Random Graph Models (ERGMs) and dynamic temporal ERGMS will be introduced. ERGMs represent the processes that drive the formation of links in networks and are a natural and flexible tool to model (sexual) network data. Participants will learn how to develop stochastic network models for epidemics, with a focus on empirical models of HIV transmission and control.
Stochastic Actor Oriented Models (SAOMs) offer an alternative approach to model the evolution of a network, and the changes in actor attributes. In this modelling framework, individuals change their network ties and adjust their attributes (such as health seeking behaviours) in response to the current network. The approach allows distinguishing processes of selection and influence in network contexts.

During computer lab sessions, participants will go through examples and tutorials with applications of both the ERGM and SAOM approach to modelling network data. The labs will develop programming skills, using the R packages statnet, EpiModel, and RSiena. These software packages provide state-of-the-art tools for statistical network analysis, simulation and visualisation.
There are only 25 spaces available. Participants are expected to bring their own laptop computer, with R and RStudio pre-installed. Although experience with R is not strictly required, participants who have not previously used R are advised to familiarise themselves with the R language, using suggested tutorials.
This summer school is primarily aimed at PhD and Master’s students from Flemish Universities, but applications from other (post-doctoral) researchers, as well as applicants from non-Flemish institutions are welcome too.

Kate Sabot
Martina Morris
Steven Goodreau
Samuel Jenness
Per Block

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

University of Washington
University of Washington
University of Washington
Nuffield College and University of Oxford

fwo logo This summer school is an initiative of the Scientific Research Community “Network Statistics for Sexually Transmitted Infections Epidemiology” and Ghent University, and funded by the Research Foundation - Flanders and the UGent Doctoral Schools Programme ugent logo